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Serena Martin has loved art and has painted since she was a little girl. In 2014, she decided to stop waiting for the perfect time to pursue her dreams, and decided to close the corporate doors and pick up her paint brush again. She has never looked back...

Serena's love of animals drew her to paint pet portraits. She likes to add whimsy and sense of humor into her art. She also draws inspiration from her years working in fashion, always inspired by the creativity of the fashion world. She is also inspired by the beautiful people and surroundings in Washington D.C. 

Photography: Audra Wrisley Photography

Photography: Audra Wrisley Photography

Serena Martin has loved art since she was a little girl.  She first discovered her passion at a young age when her grandfather introduced her to the world of Chinese calligraphy.  From there, it opened the doors to endless possibilities of artistic expression.  

After getting her Business degree at Wake Forest University and spending several formative years working in the fashion industry, she could wait no longer to pursue her dreams.  In 2014, she closed the corporate doors behind her and picked up her paint brushes again. 

Serena's love of animals drew her to paint pet portraits. She likes to add whimsy and sense of humor into her art. She also draws inspiration from her time in fashion, always amazed by the creativity and intellectual power of the fashion world. She is inspired daily by the beautiful people and surroundings in Washington D.C., where art and order live and interact harmoniously. 

Serena now lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Blake, and their chubby Bichon Frise, Mochi.


Mission Statement: 

Encouraging one another to live relationally through love and generosity to positively change the world. 


Core Values:

1.  To Love and to Serve.

I Corinthians 13:11-13:  There are three things that will endure — faith, hope and love — and the greatest of these is love

To strive to serve with the foundation of love.  To deliver superior service, honest and sincere communication and prompt responses. To deliver in a timely and as promised timeline.  To treat one another with honor and respect.  To live, work and serve those around me not for personal gain as the end goal, but for the priceless value of true relationships with the potential to spread around the world.

2.  Encourage.

To encourage one another to live relationally.  To opt for personal connections and fostering relationships through quality time.

3.  Advocate.

To advocate for those without a voice.  To support the protection of wildlife.  To protect animals against cruelty.  To support businesses, artisans and organizations with little to no opportunity in the international market through thoughtful and ethical consumption.

4. Humility.

To live with less.  To give more.  To humble ourselves.  To lift others up.

5. Inspire.

To inspire wonder and awe of the world.