Wedding Tales - Jeeun and Ethan

One of my favorite parts of the job is creating custom wedding invitations.  It is an honor every time someone commissions me to create stationery for them.  I feel like the bride and groom invited me in to get to know them on a deeper level, and the stationery is a way to capture them and their unique styles.  

After doing a handful of custom invitations last year, I really start to see how the couple's personalities and styles permeate every aspect of their wedding, and it is really special.  Next time you are at a wedding, look for the couple's personalities in places you may not expect - from the invitations, to flowers, to color choices.  

Here I will share one of my first custom wedding stationery for good friends, Jeeun and Ethan.  

Wedding season: Fall

Location: Centreville, Virginia

Wedding style: whimsical, a touch of rustic, but still classic 

Wedding colors: Burgundy, pale pink, green

It's interesting to see how every part of an invitation is reflective of the couple, down to the fonts they choose.  






Chalkboard programs for the wedding.  This is a great way to add personal touches and decor for the ceremony while being budget friendly. 

Words to describe the couple:  Faithful servants of the Lord, kind, compassionate, genuine, fun, goofy, adventurous and wonderful beyond words.

They even gave me the opportunity to create custom thank you cards for them in illustrated traditional Korean wedding attire.  

As you can see, this was a very fun couple to work with, and thanks to their whimsical and creative styles, I would say the stationery turned out OK too :)